Hunted in the Dark

Hunted in the Dark

Hunted in the Dark

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“Hunted in the Dark” by Scarlett West plunges deeper into the complex, enchanted world first introduced in “Stolen in the Dark,” expanding the Fae Bureau of Investigation series with a compelling blend of romance, intrigue, and fantasy. This second installment ratchets up the stakes, weaving a tale of forbidden love, political machinations, and looming war that firmly grips the reader’s attention from the first page to the last.

In this narrative, our protagonist, now a Special Agent, navigates the treacherous waters of Fae politics and her conflicting emotions towards Damien, her boss, fated mate, and member of a rival Fae clan. Their clans’ longstanding enmity reminds them of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to their love. Scarlett West masterfully explores the themes of trust and betrayal against the backdrop of a darkening threat over the Winter Court, with the Fae community reeling from a series of kidnappings and the shocking murder of their king, for which Damien becomes a prime suspect.


The protagonist’s character development is notable as she grapples with her burgeoning feelings for Damien, her duty to her people, and the necessity to foster trust in an atmosphere rife with suspicion and secrets. Damien’s character is equally well-crafted, presenting a man torn between his duties, his clan, and the fierce, undeniable connection to his mate. Their romance unfolds in a world beautifully rendered, where the magical and the mundane collide, and the imminent threat of war and destruction amplifies every emotion.

West’s writing shines in her ability to balance the scales between the burgeoning romance and the high-stakes intrigue of the plot. The narrative is paced skillfully, ensuring readers remain hooked as they navigate twists and turns, revelations, and betrayals that challenge the protagonists’ bond and their world’s very survival.

As Adalee navigates the treacherous waters of her newfound knowledge, her trust is tested at every turn. Engulfed in the investigation of the king’s assassination and the urgent quest to rescue Damien, she encounters the burgeoning of her own powers—a challenge that demands rapid adaptation amidst the unfolding chaos of her life. Despite the budding closeness between her and Damien, a devastating betrayal shatters her faith in him, leaving their future uncertain. Can Adalee overcome the hurt and find a way to reconcile with Damien after his unforgivable act?

This latest entry in the series does not disappoint, offering a narrative rich in intrigue and character development. The story captivates with its well-crafted prose and engaging plot, making it a must-read for enthusiasts of the genre. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this compelling saga and highly recommend this book to all readers in search of a captivating story.

“Hunted in the Dark” is more than a mere continuation; it elevates the series, setting the stage for an epic saga of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. With its richly constructed world, complex characters, and a plot that intricately blends elements of mystery, action, and romance, Scarlett West delivers a story that fans of urban fantasy romance will find irresistible. The book ends on a note that promises even more excitement and peril, ensuring readers will eagerly anticipate the next installment in the Fae Bureau of Investigation series.

Hunted in the Dark

He’s my boss, my fated mate, and my mortal enemy. I’m fire, Damien’s ice. Our rival Fae clans hold a deepening grudge that could lead to war. I shouldn’t fall for him but he’s breaking down my walls, touching my heart. Yet learning to trust him has never been more brutal.

Since being promoted as a Special Agent, a dark force has shrouded the Winter Court and kidnappings of Fae people have become rampant. To make matters worse, someone killed our King.

And Damien is a prime suspect. With a murderer on the loose, I’m facing the worst battle: learn to trust Damien, or face Earth and Faery's destruction. Hunted in the Dark is book two out of five. Scroll Up and One Click to start reading this scorching urban fantasy romance today!