Not Planning On You

Not Planning On You

Not Planning On You

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Sydney Landon enchants readers once again with “Not Planning on You,” the second entrancing installment in the Danvers series. Set against the bustling backdrop of corporate life, this contemporary romance novel deliciously blends the thrill of unexpected love with the joy of self-discovery, delivering a story that is as sweet as it is empowering.

The novel introduces readers to Suzy Denton, a spirited event planner at Danvers International, whose life takes an unexpected twist. Initially believing she has everything neatly arranged in her life, Suzy is soon plunged into chaos as she discovers her fiancé’s betrayal and faces professional challenges due to a recent corporate merger.


Enter Grayson Merimon, the affluent and captivating CEO who not only complicates Suzy’s professional world but also stirs unfamiliar and electrifying emotions within her. Grayson is determined and charming, instantly drawn to Suzy’s vibrancy and resilience. He embodies the allure of a powerful businessman yet is surprisingly tender, sparking a flame in Suzy that she thought was long extinguished.

Through a series of encounters that blur the lines between professional and personal, Suzy grapples with her burgeoning feelings for Grayson while also learning to embrace her newfound independence. Their dynamic is wonderfully portrayed, offering readers a love story that is both sizzling and heartfelt, with a romance that unfolds organically amidst the challenges and surprises they face.

Landon’s writing is delightful and engaging, with dialogues that crackle with wit and scenes that radiate with emotional intensity. Suzy is a heroine easy to root for, embodying strength, vulnerability, and a refreshing sense of agency. Meanwhile, Grayson is a compelling counterpart, navigating his pursuit of Suzy with patience, respect, and undeniable charisma.

One of the standout aspects of “Not Planning on You” is its exploration of love and self-worth. The novel doesn’t just celebrate the spark between Suzy and Grayson; it also highlights Suzy’s journey of self-reflection and growth, making it a tale that is as inspiring as it is romantic.

“Not Planning on You” is a delightful and absorbing read that will leave fans of contemporary romance smiling and satisfied. Sydney Landon has crafted a narrative that is warm, empowering, and filled with the magic of unexpected love. Whether you are a longtime fan of the Danvers series or a new reader, this book promises a journey of love and self-discovery that is not to be missed.

Not Planning On You

Suzy Denton thought she had it all: a great job as an event planner for Danvers International and a committed relationship to her high school sweetheart....

But now her life has gone to hell in a handbasket. Not only did she discover her fiancé cheating, but a recent corporate merger is making her job very difficult—mostly due to Grayson Merimon, wealthy CEO. Gray is a man who goes after what he wants. And, after their first meeting, he wants Suzy.

Even though he looks like every fantasy she’s ever had, Suzy is wary of the powerful businessman. She likes her newfound independence, even if her best friend thinks it’s an excuse not to risk her heart again. Besides, she doesn’t think Gray could ever be interested in a relationship with someone like her. When he calls her bluff, Suzy agrees to one night together.

But when circumstances continue to throw them together—and with Gray determined to show her that two opposites can be a perfect fit—Suzy realizes that she might just have found the one man who can give her what she’s always needed….