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“Reclaimed,” the second installment in Jaymin Eve’s gripping “Shadow Beast Shifters” series, dives deeper into the tumultuous and dark world introduced in the first book. This sequel not only expands on the intricate universe Eve has created but also embarks on a journey of empowerment, transformation, and retribution that captivates the reader from the first page to the last.

I devoured “Reclaimed” in a single session, utterly engrossed from start to finish. Jaymin elevates the solid groundwork established in the first book to new heights, intensifying the romance, the stakes, the journey, the heat, and the emotional depth. This book is an astonishing ride!


The novel continues the harrowing tale of a protagonist who, for a decade, endured torment and rejection from those meant to protect and cherish her. Her story is one of profound pain and betrayal, not only by her pack and her true mate but also by the enigmatic Shadow Beast, whose motives and intentions remain in mystery. However, “Reclaimed” is not a story of perpetual victimhood; it is a powerful narrative of awakening and empowerment.

The second installment in the series elevates the story to incredible heights. Mera, Shadow, and Angel delve deep into Shadow’s realm on a quest for vindication after his expulsion by his sister. The age-old adage that appearances can be deceiving couldn’t be more apt for this narrative. This book peels back layers, revealing Mera’s origins, uncovering betrayals against Shadow, and so much more. I’m eagerly anticipating the continuation of their journey.

Where the first book methodically laid the groundwork, this sequel bursts forth in a whirlwind of action and revelation. We get a deeper look into Mira’s relationships and her growing powers. This book is packed with unexpected developments and revelations that answer lingering questions. The climactic twist left me utterly astonished. My heart goes out to Shadow after that jaw-dropping conclusion.

Eve masterfully portrays the protagonist’s evolution from a victim of circumstances to a warrior in her own right. This transformation is the heart of the novel, echoing the themes of resilience and self-discovery. The protagonist’s realization that her past does not define her future and that the strength stolen from her can be reclaimed is both inspiring and empowering.

The Shadow Beast, a character that intrigued readers in the first book, is further developed in “Reclaimed,” revealing layers of complexity that challenge the reader’s initial perceptions. His relationship with the protagonist is a compelling blend of mystery, tension, and unexpected tenderness, adding depth to their interactions and the overall narrative.

Eve’s world-building is exceptional, weaving together elements of shifter lore, magic, and the shadowy realm that gives the series its name. The setting is richly detailed, creating an immersive backdrop for the unfolding drama. The exploration of themes such as power, control, and freedom is nuanced, encouraging readers to ponder the nature of strength and the essence of transformation.

“Reclaimed” is a testament to Eve’s skill as a storyteller. Her ability to balance dark themes with moments of light and hope is remarkable, ensuring that the journey, though fraught with challenges, is ultimately uplifting. The pacing is tight, maintaining suspense and intrigue throughout and skillfully setting the stage for future installments in the series.

Jaymin masterfully balances the narrative, weaving together moments of intensity with light-heartedness, brisk adventure with contemplation, and weaving a grand fantasy tale with a romance that’s as sweet as it is unconventional. “Rejected” was good, but “Reclaimed” is on another level. The magic system is intricate yet accessible, the plot twists are captivating, the steamy scenes are just that—steamy, and the story’s pacing is perfectly tuned. But the true brilliance lies in Jaymin’s world-building and character creation. She crafts a richly detailed world filled with diverse, complex dimensions and populates it with characters that are not only engaging but also deeply flawed and utterly fascinating.

Mera has quickly become my all-time favorite Jaymin heroine. Her journey is one of resilience, humor, and an unwavering spirit despite the chaos that swirls around her. What stands out is her authenticity and her adventurous spirit, her loyalty, and her bravery, peppered with just the right amount of snark and impulsivity. Yet, it’s her curiosity and her evolution towards independence and self-discovery that truly captivate me. And her relationship with Shadow adds layers of depth to her character.

Speaking of Shadow, he completely steals the show. Jaymin maintains his alien essence while revealing his vulnerability, creating a deliciously complex character. And for those craving more heat after the first book, Jaymin does not disappoint—the chemistry between Mera and Shadow is electrifying. Their evolving emotional connection amidst a backdrop of allies forming a makeshift family is beautifully portrayed, showcasing the power of chosen bonds over blood.

The plot keeps you on edge with unexpected twists, one of which brought me to tears. And if you thought the cliffhanger in “Rejected” was intense, brace yourself for the jaw-dropping conclusion of “Reclaimed.” It left me stunned and eager for what comes next. Jaymin has promised an epic finale, and I have no doubt she will deliver. An outstanding sequel that surpasses all expectations!

“Reclaimed” is a compelling sequel that not only meets the expectations set by its predecessor but exceeds them. Jaymin Eve has crafted a story that is both a thrilling paranormal romance and a profound tale of personal growth. For fans of the genre seeking a series that offers more than just escapism, the “Shadow Beast Shifters” series, and “Reclaimed” in particular, is a must-read. This book is a vivid reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a path toward reclaiming one’s power and forging a new destiny.


They all made a terrible mistake. One they will pay for.

For the past ten years I’ve been a victim. A victim to my pack. A victim to my true mate, who rejected me in the most brutal of ways. And a victim to Shadow Beast, who used me for his own gains.

Or did he?

The beast of mystery never reveals his whole hand, but one thing is for sure… in my time with him, I've changed. Now I will no longer walk the path dictated by the powerful men in my life. Never again will I let my strength be taken from me.

I must evolve or die.

And we all know, with a choice like that, there’s really only one answer.