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“Rejected,” the inaugural entry into Jaymin Eve’s “Shadow Beast Shifters” series, is a compelling blend of raw emotion, intricate world-building, and intense paranormal romance. This novel takes readers on a tumultuous journey alongside a protagonist who endures the ultimate form of betrayal, only to discover her true strength and destiny in the process.

The story follows the plight of a young wolf shifter whose life is upended by her father’s grave error. Branded as a traitor and relegated to the fringes of her pack, she faces not only the disdain of her peers but also the crushing weight of isolation and abuse. Her decision to flee this torment and the subsequent consequences sets the stage for a tale of resilience, revenge, and unexpected alliances.


Diving into a novel by this author for the first time was an experience I won’t soon forget, and it certainly won’t be my last journey with her storytelling. From start to finish, I was hooked, unable to tear myself away from the world she crafted. Mera, the protagonist, immediately captured my heart with her blend of strength, wit, confidence, and resilience. Despite being a 22-year-old outcast within her pack due to her father’s misdeeds, Mera’s spirit remains unbroken, even in the face of relentless bullying and betrayal by those she once considered close.

Determined to escape the torment, Mera’s plans take a dramatic turn upon her first shift, revealing her true mate to be Torin, the future Alpha and one of her persecutors. Her initial hope for a change in their relationship is cruelly dismissed when he intends to reject her. In the aftermath of heartbreak and an ensuing attack, Mera inadvertently summons the enigmatic Shadow Beast, a deity-like figure from another realm, sparking a series of events that unveil mysteries and powers beyond her comprehension.

The dynamic between Mera and the Shadow Beast evolves beautifully, their undeniable attraction and growing connection set against a backdrop of myth and magic. Their journey together, filled with emotional highs and lows, is a rollercoaster that grips you with its intensity and depth. The chemistry between them is palpable, making it impossible not to root for their bond to deepen.

This novel stands out not just as a shifter romance but as a story rich with layers waiting to be uncovered. The pacing is brisk, offering a refreshing take on the genre, though at times, Mera’s internal monologues can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, her character is so vibrant and relatable that it’s easy to overlook any narrative excesses. Mera’s humor and tenacity make her the kind of protagonist you can’t help but admire and cheer for.

While the book does leave readers with more questions than answers, creating a sense of mystery akin to Mera’s own confusion, it’s a deliberate choice that adds to the intrigue. The cliffhanger ending only fuels the desire to dive into the next book immediately.

Jaymin Eve masterfully crafts a protagonist whose vulnerability and tenacity make her both relatable and admirable. Her journey from a vilified outcast to a figure of power and transformation is not just a tale of personal growth but also a testament to the strength found in adversity. The narrative delves deep into themes of rejection, identity, and the quest for acceptance, resonating with anyone who has ever felt out of place or misunderstood.

The revelation of the protagonist’s true mate introduces a pivotal twist to the story, challenging preconceived notions about fate and the bonds that tie us. The subsequent rejection she faces is a heart-wrenching moment that propels the story into uncharted territories of emotion and conflict. This event not only amplifies the stakes but also enriches the narrative with layers of complexity and intrigue.

Eve’s exploration of the shadow world and the introduction of the Shadow Beast—a deity-like figure shrouded in mystery and power—elevates the story from a mere shifter romance to an epic saga of mythic proportions. The Shadow Beast’s role in the protagonist’s life introduces a dynamic that is both exhilarating and daunting, promising readers a journey filled with danger, magic, and the unknown.

The world-building in “Rejected” is both detailed and immersive, creating a setting that is as vast as it is vibrant. The social dynamics within the pack, the lore surrounding shifters and their gods, and the depiction of the shadow world are all crafted with care and precision, offering readers a rich and engaging backdrop to the unfolding drama.

“Rejected” is a story of finding light in the darkest of places and strength in the face of despair. It’s a narrative that captivates with its intensity, enthralls with its emotion, and inspires with its message of resilience. Jaymin Eve has laid the groundwork for what promises to be an unforgettable series, blending the best elements of paranormal romance with the depth and scope of high fantasy.

For fans of the genre and newcomers alike, “Rejected” is a must-read that promises not only a thrilling adventure but also a profound journey of self-discovery and redemption. As the first book in the “Shadow Beast Shifters” series, it sets a high bar and leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this enthralling saga.

I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to anyone with a penchant for shifter romances who dare to explore beyond the conventional. It’s a standout story that promises adventure, romance, and a heroine whose journey is as compelling as it is inspiring. Now, as I eagerly anticipate the next installment, I can confidently say this is one of the best shifter tales I’ve encountered, and I’m an avid reader of the genre.


My father made a terrible mistake. One I’m left paying for.

As a wolf shifter growing up in a strong pack, I should be living my best life. But after my father tried to kill our leader, I’m labelled an outcast, traitor, less than dirt.

When I can't take pack life any longer, I run, but apparently they don't like losing their punching bag. Torin, the leader’s son, drags me back before my first shift... a shift that will reveal my true mate. I never could have predicted who mine would be, but the moment my wolf looks upon him, I’m filled with hope for a brighter future.

Afterall, no one ever rejects their true mate, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

When the wolves attack, my soul screams for vengeance, and somehow I touch the shadow world.

Somehow I bring him to our lands.

The Shadow Beast. Our shifter god. The devil himself.

Turns out being rejected by my mate was only the beginning.