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“Reputation” by Adriana Locke is the second installment in “The Mason Family” series, delivering an intoxicating mix of tension, humor, and heat in an enemies-to-lovers office romance that captivates from the first page to the last. Locke continues to showcase her talent for creating complex characters and engaging narratives that explore the nuances of love, forgiveness, and growth.

Bellamy Davenport and Coy Mason have a history as tangled as the small-town gossip that surrounds them. Bellamy, with her strong will and kind heart, has always been aware of Coy—the country music sensation and local heartbreaker whose reputation precedes him. Despite their shared past and the undeniable chemistry that crackles between them, their interactions have always oscillated between intense attraction and equally intense frustration.


Coy Mason is a character who embodies the archetype of the bad boy with a hidden depth. Locke skillfully peels back Coy’s layers, revealing vulnerabilities and a capacity for love that he guards fiercely. Despite his outward confidence and success, Coy is a man wrestling with his demons and the weight of a reputation that he’s outgrown.

The dynamic between Bellamy and Coy is electric, fraught with a history of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Their journey from enemies to lovers is not a smooth one; it is filled with moments of vulnerability, stubborn pride, and the kind of raw honesty that can either bind hearts together or tear them apart. Locke navigates their evolving relationship with a keen understanding of human nature, ensuring that readers are invested in their story every step of the way.

“Reputation” stands out for its exploration of the themes of redemption and the power of love to heal and transform. Locke doesn’t shy away from addressing the challenges of overcoming past mistakes and the courage required to be true to oneself. The development of Bellamy and Coy’s relationship serves as a testament to the idea that love, when genuine and nurtured, can surmount even the most daunting obstacles.

Locke’s writing is fluid and engaging, with dialogue that sparkles with wit and emotion. The small-town setting of the Mason Family series adds an additional layer of charm and complexity to the narrative, with a cast of supporting characters that enrich the story without overshadowing the central romance.

“Reputation” is a compelling and heartwarming addition to The Mason Family series. Adriana Locke has crafted a story that is as much about coming home to oneself as it is about finding love where and when it’s least expected. For fans of contemporary romance looking for a story with depth, humor, and sizzling chemistry, “Reputation” is a must-read.


Coy Mason is a jerk. If there is one truth that Bellamy Davenport knows, it’s that. Well, that and the fact she didn’t mean to hurt him. Physically. Coy can’t be hurt emotionally because he doesn’t have a heart.

Coy is not just the small-town, literal boy next door. He’s a heartbreaking, womanizing, mischief-making (and delicious) man and was all of those things well before he became a hot-shot country music sensation.

He’s a dream standing in her doorway with no shirt, messy hair, and a “Do you wanna?” grin. But he’s also a nightmare for her heart, and she knows it. Their enemies-to-lovers relationship always ends the same way—heavy on the enemies, light on the lovers. So why is she still standing there?