Stolen in the Dark

Stolen in the Dark

Stolen in the Dark

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“Stolen in the Dark” by Scarlett West marks an electrifying debut to the “Fae Bureau of Investigation” series, plunging readers into a world where the fae realm bleeds into the human world, with consequences that could lead to the earth’s ultimate destruction. The novel introduces us to a universe rife with dark enemies, hidden dangers, and an intricate plot weaving elements of urban fantasy and scorching romance.

The protagonist’s life turns from mundane to mystifying when a dark, alluring Fae named Damien rescues her from an attempted kidnapping. She soon discovers that not only is she Damien’s fated mate, but she also possesses a unique ability to sense things through her hair. This unearthly skill could be pivotal in stopping a series of brutal attacks on the Fae kind. These attacks threaten not just the fae realm but the very fabric of the human world.


Forced into a corner, the protagonist must choose to join the Fae Bureau of Investigation, with the enigmatic and infuriatingly attractive Damien as her superior, or face certain death by returning home. Damien, while being her savior and potential lover, also represents a world of secrets and betrayals. His insistence on marking her as his mate under the guise of protection adds layers of complexity to their relationship, blending elements of desire, mistrust, and the inevitable pull of fated lovers.

West does an excellent job of crafting a narrative that is as fast-paced as it is sensual. The chemistry between the protagonists is palpable, charged with a tension that promises to explode. Yet, it’s the underlying sense of urgency and the protagonist’s internal struggle with her newfound abilities and allegiances that drive the story forward. Her sarcastic wit and resilience make her a relatable and compelling character, while Damien’s brooding demeanor and hidden depths add to the allure of the mysterious Fae world.

“Stolen in the Dark” sets the stage for what promises to be a thrilling series. Scarlett West’s world-building is meticulous and vivid, creating a universe where danger lurks in the shadows and passion ignites in the darkness. The plot twists and turns, revealing hidden enemies and unexpected allies, all leading to a climax that leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

This book offers a promising start to a new series, primarily fueled by Damien’s compellingly intense dialogue. However, the inconsistency in both Damien and Adalee’s characters was somewhat disconcerting. Damien oscillates between being an infuriating adversary and a captivating alpha male, while Adalee’s indecisiveness regarding her feelings towards him makes it hard to engage with their dynamic fully. A deeper exploration into the characters’ backgrounds and personalities would have been beneficial, as Adalee, in particular, lacks a detailed physical description, unlike Damien, whose features are elaborately depicted.

The narrative focuses heavily on the plot surrounding kidnappings and missing persons, which, while intriguing, leaves the characters’ development somewhat lacking. By the book’s end, this lack of character depth makes it challenging to feel invested in their journey, which is concerning for the outset of a five-book series. The pacing is brisk, with short chapters that keep the story moving quickly, hinting at the potential for a compelling enemies-to-lovers and fated mates storyline. It’s my hope that as the series progresses, the characters will undergo significant growth and that their eventual conclusion will be satisfying.

“Stolen in the Dark” is a must-read for fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Scarlett West weaves a tale of danger, desire, and destiny that captivates from the first page to the last, establishing her as a formidable voice in the genre.

Stolen in the Dark

He forced me into their world. Now dark enemies want me dead. When an attempted kidnapping leads me to be rescued by a dark and sexy Fae, I assume life can’t be any stranger… Until I discover I’m his fated mate, and that he needs my help to stop a ruthless enemy from kidnapping his kind. If someone doesn’t stop the brutal attacks, it could lead to earth’s ultimate destruction, so if I want to survive, I have to join the Fae Bureau of Investigation, with Damien as my superior. But while Damien may be both hot as hell and my one-time hero, my unearthly ability to sense things through my hair is telling me to run: Damien can’t be trusted, and I would hate him as my boss. With the enemy closing in, though, time is running out for me to make my choice: join the Bureau…or return home to my death. Stolen in the Dark is book one out of five. Scroll Up and One Click to start reading this scorching urban fantasy romance today! *** Damien scooped me up and slid me onto the desk. “There's no way to solve this if we don't go to Faery. You're trying my patience. Do you always take three or four hours to make a decision? Let me mark you or go home. We’re on a timeline here.” “Not gonna happen. And you said I can't go home.” A smirk jerked up on his tight, masculine face. “Of course, I don't want you to die, but choosing to not accept my mark is just as dangerous.” With his nearness, I yearned for him to mold his body against mine. Some invisible force swirled around me, caressing my skin with feathery strokes. “Why? Because the Fae are so sexy?”