Tempting Selon

Tempting Selon

Tempting Selon

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“Tempting Selon” is the third book in RK Munin’s intriguing “Hissa Warrior” series, blending the depth of emotional healing with the excitement of sci-fi alien romance. This installment stands out for its sensitive portrayal of a heroine grappling with trauma and anxiety and her journey toward healing and love against the backdrop of an interstellar setting.

The story centers on Lara Stray, a character whose life has diverged dramatically from her twin sister, Mara, introduced in the previous books. Unlike Mara’s path to freedom and independence, Lara’s experiences have left her deeply traumatized, manifesting in a profound fear of men and crowded spaces. This aspect of Lara’s character is handled with care, providing a realistic depiction of anxiety and panic disorders that resonates with real-world issues, making her one of the most relatable and human characters in the series.


Lara’s plight becomes even more complicated when she finds herself amidst the Hissa, a warrior race in desperate need of females. The introduction of Selon, a Hissa male, into Lara’s life, marks the beginning of a tender and healing relationship. Selon is portrayed as the epitome of patience, understanding, and kindness. His character is a refreshing departure from the alpha male archetype often found in sci-fi romances, offering a nuanced take on strength and masculinity.

The romance between Lara and Selon unfolds gently, allowing Lara the space to heal and explore her feelings at her own pace. This slow-burn approach is satisfying and essential for a story dealing with sensitive topics such as trauma and recovery. The dynamic between them is a compelling exploration of how love and support can be pivotal in overcoming personal demons.

RK Munin excels in world-building, creating a vivid universe where the cultural contrasts between humans and Hissa add layers to the narrative. The societal expectations and customs of the Hissa provide both challenges and opportunities for Lara’s growth. The theme of finding one’s place in a world that feels alien, yet becoming a part of a community that accepts and cherishes you for who you are, is a powerful message that resonates throughout the book.

The inclusion of characters from previous installments enriches the story, giving readers who have followed the series a sense of continuity and development. However, “Tempting Selon” can indeed be enjoyed as a standalone, offering a complete and fulfilling story arc that concludes with a well-deserved happily ever after for Lara and Selon.

“Tempting Selon” is a standout addition to the “Hissa Warrior” series. It is a heartwarming tale of healing, love, and finding strength in vulnerability. RK Munin’s thoughtful storytelling, combined with richly developed characters and a captivating setting, makes this book a must-read for fans of sci-fi romance. The novel not only entertains but also touches on deep emotional truths, making it a memorable and impactful read.

Tempting Selon

Plagued with panic attacks and anxiety, Lara isn't sure she'll ever be comfortable living among the male-dominated Hissa let alone finding one to mate with. Then she meets Selon and it seems her path to healing might include falling in love with the handsome and kind male.

Created to be an ornamental slave, along with her twin sister, Lara Stray couldn’t be more different than her dynamic sibling, Mara. While Mara managed to gain her freedom and eventually earn enough to own a ship of her own, Lara found herself being owned again. The twins couldn’t have led more different lives.

Lara’s path led her to be deeply traumatized, resulting in a fear of men and crowds. Which is just perfect when her sister Mara and mate Tiran rescue her from a ship under attack. Of course, they’re not alone. They’ve brought along a whole civilization of Hissa warriors desperate for females. What could possibly go wrong?

Although Hissa wants her to heal and find a male among them to enter into a Family Pact, Lara’s convinced her broken mind will never allow her to get close to any of these males, let alone engage in intimate relations. But then Selon enters her orbit, and everything seems to change.

He’s perfect. She feels calm around him. She can breathe and even talk about her past. Could this be the male for her? Would he even want someone as fundamentally broken as she is? Could she find peace and happiness after so many years of succumbing to anxiety and panic attacks?

But most importantly, can she find it in herself to fight her fears to keep this male in her life?