The Hellbeast King

The Hellbeast King

The Hellbeast King

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In “The Hellbeast King,” the initial volume in the enthralling Hellbeast King series by Stephanie Hudson, readers are immediately plunged into a hypnotic realm where darkness intertwines with an irresistible desire, and fate crafts a tantalizing, dangerous dance of love and power. This fated-made, dark romance is a breathtaking odyssey that begins with an innocuous night, unfolding into a saga that is anything but ordinary.

The protagonist’s journey begins with a seemingly harmless pursuit of her cousin Amelia, leading to the discovery of a world hauntingly different from her own. The night she inadvertently steps into the Devil’s Ring Fight Club, her life irrevocably alters, introducing her to a domain where danger and allure coalesce seamlessly. The narrative subtly encapsulates the intoxicating mixture of fear, intrigue, and irresistible pull toward the enigmatic HellBeast King—Jared Cerberus.


Jared Cerberus is a character shrouded in mystery and formidable power, embodying the allure of the darkness and the irresistible pull of destiny that binds him to the protagonist. His warning to her sets the stage for a complex relationship rife with tension, longing, and an underlying sense of impending adventure and confrontation.

The narrative meticulously crafts an atmosphere that oscillates between the ominous shadows of the demonic fight club and the protagonist’s struggle to navigate through her altered reality. Hudson’s writing is vivid and compelling, drawing readers into a universe where the lines between danger and desire blur, creating a reading experience that is as unsettling as it is enticing.

What stands out in “The Hellbeast King” is the intricate development of characters and the tantalizing build-up of the relationship between the protagonist and Jared. The story intricately weaves elements of dark romance with the lore of the supernatural, making every page a discovery and every chapter an exploration of the unknown and the forbidden.

As the protagonist grapples with the choices presented to her, readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats, captivated by the unfolding drama and the magnetic pull between the characters. The book encapsulates the essence of dark romance, providing a haunting, sensual, and ultimately unforgettable narrative.

“The Hellbeast King” marks a spectacular beginning to the Hellbeast King series, offering readers a mesmerizing tale of darkness, passion, and the unrelenting power of destiny. Stephanie Hudson masterfully constructs a world that is as dangerous as it is seductive, with characters that linger in the readers’ minds long after the last page is turned. For aficionados of dark romance seeking a story that is as captivating as it is beautifully written, “The Hellbeast King” is an absolute must-read. Prepare to be ensnared by its allure, and welcome to a tale where love and darkness enthrallingly entwine.

The Hellbeast King

It all started with that night.
The night I made my biggest mistake.
The night I entered their world.

The day I snuck into the infamous Devil’s Ring Fight Club. I had followed my cousin Amelia, who turned out not to be quite as innocent as I first believed. In fact, it turned out she didn’t live in the same world as I did… Not at all.

I knew this the moment I entered his kingdom. My world changed the moment he found me. He gave me a warning that night. He told me if he ever found me again then next time, he wouldn’t be so quick in letting me escape him. His little Red Riding Hood. It was a threat I took seriously as it was only my dreams that took me back to that place. That took me back to him.

That was until they came for me. The Hell Hounds that infiltrated my peaceful world and started the hunt. And there was only one man I knew that had the power to stop them. And my price to pay, was the promise he made me.
That if he ever found me in his demonic fight club again… He was keeping me. Meaning I only had two choices left, to become the hunted or to make a deal with
Hell’s greatest Hunter…
The HellBeast King…
Jared Cerberus.