The Magic of Eternity

The Magic of Eternity

The Magic of Eternity

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“The Magic of Eternity” marks a breathtaking and poignant conclusion to Britt Andrews’ Emerald Lakes series. This final installment weaves a tapestry of love, sacrifice, and destiny, bringing the epic journey of Saige Wildes and her six mates to a heart-stirring finale.

From the onset, Andrews masterfully sets the stakes higher than ever before. As the battle against Asrael reaches a fever pitch, Saige, our beloved green witch, finds herself at the heart of a maelstrom. Her character shines brightly in this book, embodying the essence of growth, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of love. The depth of her sacrifice and the weight of her choices resonate deeply, reflecting the series’ themes of love’s power and the sacrifices it entails.


The narrative expertly balances the grand scale of magical warfare with intimate moments of love and connection. The relationship dynamics between Saige and her mates are explored with nuance and sensitivity, highlighting the strength of vulnerability and her chosen family’s beauty. Each character is given moments to shine, ensuring that readers who have journeyed with them from the beginning feel a satisfying sense of closure and fulfillment.

Andrews’ world-building remains a standout aspect of the series, with the magical system and lore of Emerald Lakes expanding in exciting ways that captivate the imagination. The portrayal of magic is both awe-inspiring and grounded, serving as a mirror to the character’s internal struggles and triumphs.

The climactic confrontation with Asrael is both thrilling and emotionally charged, culminating in a harrowing and uplifting sequence. Andrews does not shy away from the complexities of her narrative, embracing the darkness and light in equal measure to deliver a story that feels both epic in scope and deeply personal.

These past five books have been an absolute delight, weaving a tapestry of twists and turns that have masterfully carried me along for the journey. As the family within the story expands and undergoes transformations, I find myself hoping there’s room for one more to observe the unfolding saga. I’ve been utterly captivated by this series, and book 5 wrapped it up in a satisfying conclusion to a truly engaging series.

“The Magic of Eternity” is a love letter to the power of enduring love, the resilience of the human spirit, and the magic that resides within us all. It is a fitting end to a series that has captured readers’ hearts, filled with joy, sorrow, and triumph that linger long after the final page is turned. Britt Andrews has crafted a series finale that satisfies but leaves a lasting impact, proving her skill as a storyteller of the highest caliber.

The Magic of Eternity

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful green witch. She blew into my life every bit as wild as the storm magic that lived within my veins. My heart had been nothing but a lifeless organ within my chest until she breathed life back into me, ensuring that each beat from that moment forward was for her.

Saige Wildes was everything good. Sun-kissed freckles in the summer, hair that shimmered like fire when touched by light, and a smile that brought six men to their knees. Her magic was the magic of life.

Of love.

Of sacrifice.

With Asrael’s master plan falling into place, my brave little witch had to fight for her life and everyone she loved. On the brink of losing it all and forced to make an impossible decision, she heard the stars whisper, 'What do you want?’ My sweet mate stared back at the fates and screamed her greatest desire. Eternity.