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“Transfusion,” the inaugural novel in Stephanie Hudson’s Transfusion series, is an enthralling dark fantasy vampire romance set in the vibrant city of London. The story orbits around a seemingly ordinary girl, concealing her extraordinary lineage and a broken heart inflicted by none other than the formidable Vampire King, Lucius.

Our protagonist is an emblem of resilience and secrecy, living amidst the unknowing humans while nursing the wounds of a past steeped in supernatural affairs and poignant love. A love once blossoming, now withered by humiliation and heartbreak, yet impossible to extinguish entirely. Seven years might have dimmed its glow, but the embers quietly smolder, awaiting a breeze to reignite the flames.


The narrative is woven with meticulous care, delicately balancing the elements of dark fantasy with the tender, at times turbulent, currents of romance. Lucius is not your quintessential vampire; he encapsulates dominance and enigma, exuding a magnetic and treacherous allure. When he re-enters the canvas of the protagonist’s life, readers can almost feel the tension, the whirlpool of emotions, and the undercurrents of desire and danger that characterize their complex relationship.

Stephanie Hudson orchestrates a dance of shadows and light, crafting a tale that is as atmospheric as it is emotionally charged. “Transfusion” is not merely a story of the supernatural; it is a journey through the labyrinth of love and obsession, where the protagonists grapple with their desires, identities, and the volatile dynamics of their world.

For readers who revel in the allure of the dark and the sensuality of romance, “Transfusion” offers a captivating read, painting a tapestry where vampires, shifters, demons, and other supernatural entities come alive, weaving a tale of love, conflict, and transformation.

As the first volume in a saga of 14, “Transfusion” lays a solid foundation for the adventures and passions that are set to unfold in the pages to come. It is an invitation to a realm where love is both the ultimate danger and the greatest adventure, tantalizing readers with the promise of a journey they won’t forget. With adventure, conflict, and steam served on a platter of beautifully written prose, the Transfusion series is set to be a banquet for the lovers of dark fantasy vampire romances.

This is one of my favorite vampire stories of all time. It really is that good, second only in the paranormal romance category to maybe Afterlife which this is a spin off from. This is only the first book in the series but it starts off strong!


He Broke My Heart… That cold, cruel Vampire King.

But then, I am just your typical, ordinary, everyday human girl who works and lives in London. Or at least, that’s what everyone thinks. I fled the supernatural world and the safety of my family who rule it, because being the only human born from them definitely had its drawbacks.

Something the Vampire King knew all about.

He humiliated me and destroyed my naive little heart, meaning I had no choice but to leave and make a new life for myself.

I turned my back on it all but most importantly, I turned my back on him.
That was my second mistake
The first had been to fall in love with him.

That was seven years ago.

I liked to think that I was done with Lucius, the Vampire King and his dark world.
But little did I know that he was far from done with me...
That he had been watching me all this time.

Now he was back for me.

Him and his dominant, ruling hands that were intent on bending me to his will, all under the guise of keeping me safe. But then if that were true, then why did it seem as if his dark desires for me were not only reigniting my obsession but creating one of his own.

Things were shifting in the Vampire world with Lucius and I at its core. Which meant the biggest question I had to ask myself became...

Would my heart survive him a second time?