Vincent’s Immortal Curse

Vincent's Immortal Curse

Vincent’s Immortal Curse

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Stephanie Hudson’s “Vincent’s Immortal Curse” is a standout novel in the realm of angel paranormal romance, entwining a tapestry of undying love, haunting pasts, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

Ari, the story’s protagonist, is no stranger to uncertainty and peril, having spent her days under the manipulative grasp of a demonic cult. With her newfound freedom, Ari does not find solace but instead faces a daunting enemy—her elusive and haunting past. The tendrils of bygones not only grip her present but threaten to suffocate her future with the bindings of an immortal curse.


Hudson masterfully introduces a sinister figure lurking in the shadows, a murderer whose existence is intricately linked to the shadows of Ari’s past. Amidst the looming danger, the figure of Vincent Draven—bathed in angelic grace and concealing a potent allure within his serene demeanor—enters the stage. Vincent, with his name whispering conquest and omnipotence, embodies a mesmerizing and enigmatic duality.

Vincent, the angelic king is not solely a figure of divine beauty; his eyes, resembling shards of icy darkness, reflect a spectrum of emotions ranging from calculated cruelty to profound understanding. Beneath the surface of his celestial visage, Vincent harbors a legacy tinged with temptation and darkness, as he is the offspring of the King of Lust.

The arrival of Ari in Vincent’s life serves as a catalyst for unveiling the layers of their relationship and the enigmatic aura enveloping Ari herself. “Vincent’s Immortal Curse” tantalizes readers with fragments of Ari’s true identity, with the narrative reaching a pause, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the continuation of their saga in the sequel.

Hudson crafts Vincent as a character balancing on the edge of light and shadow. He is a concoction of heavenly beauty and intoxicating allure, encapsulating a journey filled with mystery, captivation, and an undercurrent of seductive darkness. Vincent’s presence on each page is magnetic, inviting readers to immerse themselves in his enigmatic story and character.

In “Vincent’s Immortal Curse,” Hudson unravels a story of immortal love, perpetual struggle, and the essence of identity amidst the dance of divine and demonic influences. For enthusiasts of angel paranormal romance, this novel promises an engaging read filled with suspense, romance, and the eternal dance between past and present, light and darkness. Each page is a revelation, a glimpse into a world where angels walk the earth, bearing not only wings of grace but also shadows of tempting darkness. Prepare to be entranced.

A word of warning: despite this first book in the series being released in 2018, the follow-up has yet to be released. Although the author has mentioned she is “working on it” for awhile now, there doesn’t seem to be any realistic release date for the next book in the series, which is the continuation of Vincent and Ari’s unusual story.

Vincent’s Immortal Curse

Being faced with an uncertain future is nothing new for Ari, not when you lived each day under the control of a demonic cult. But now Ari lives with a new enemy and one she can no longer run from…her past.

But soon she will discover that even her past can cling to their future and hold it captive in the form of a curse.

So, with a murderer lurking in the shadows of their past and an Angel on the hunt, a killer is not the only thing out there for Vincent to find.

For many lives are at stake but only one of those has the power to break an immortal curse and now Ari must decide, will she run from it and chance giving up her future or will she run straight into The Arms of a cursed…
Angel King.

‘If there is one thing the past has taught us, it is that we can be immortalised in the things we create.’

Vincent Draven.