Weekends Required

Weekends Required

Weekends Required

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“Weekends Required,” the first novel in Sydney Landon’s Danvers series, serves up a delightful and sensual contemporary office romance that explores themes of desire, identity, and personal growth. With engaging characters and a plot that expertly blends romance with workplace dynamics, this novel offers readers a tantalizing escape into a world where love unexpectedly blooms in the confines of office walls.

The narrative revolves around Claire Walters, a diligent assistant who has been working under the watchful eye of her boss, Jason Danvers, for three years. While Claire has proved invaluable at work, she has existed outside Jason’s perception as a desirable woman—until an unforeseen event at a bachelor party thrusts her into the spotlight, much to her embarrassment and Jason’s newfound intrigue.


Balancing a secondary job at a party-planning company to financially support her ailing mother, Claire’s professional and personal lives collide in ways she never anticipated. This collision prompts Jason to view her beyond the lens of an assistant, awakening a chemistry that is as surprising as it is irresistible.

As the pair navigate through weekend business trips amidst an important company merger, the line between professional and personal begins to blur, revealing a tapestry of desire, intimacy, and understanding. Claire isn’t merely seeking a casual fling; she discovers layers to Jason that extend beyond the boardroom, painting a picture of a man she could genuinely fall for.

Landon crafts her characters with care and depth, with Claire depicted as a strong, empathetic, and determined individual, while Jason embodies the charms and complexities of a successful executive discovering the nuances of love. Their relationship is tenderly and sensually explored, offering readers moments of heat, laughter, and genuine connection.

What stands out in “Weekends Required” is Landon’s adept handling of the office romance trope. The novel delves into the challenges and thrills of finding love in unexpected places without compromising the integrity and growth of its characters. Claire and Jason’s journey is as much about finding each other as it is about finding themselves, making their romance relatable and inspiring.

The writing is crisp, witty, and emotionally resonant, ensuring that readers are invested in the characters’ stories from beginning to end. With a narrative that is as sweet as it is spicy, Landon successfully sets the stage for a series that promises more romance, humor, and character development in the books to follow.

“Weekends Required” is a delightful read for fans of contemporary romance, offering a story that is both heartwarming and tantalizing. Sydney Landon crafts a tale that celebrates love, desire, and the unexpected magic that happens when work and romance collide. This book is not to be missed for a love story that sizzles and soothes in equal measure.

Weekends Required

Claire Walters has worked for Jason Danvers as his assistant for three years, but he’s never appreciated her as a woman—until the day she jumps out of a cake at his friend’s bachelor party.…

To support her ailing mother, Claire is forced to work a second job at a party-planning company. But when her handsome boss ends up with a front-row seat to the action, she’s mortified—and he’s intrigued.

With Danvers International in the middle of an important merger, Jason asks Claire to accompany him on weekend business trips—and suddenly all her fantasies are coming true. Her outspoken best friend thinks that getting a little “executive attention” will solve everything. But Claire sees more in Jason than just sex.

Jason is determined to know how the beautiful, sexy woman in the cake could also be his mousy assistant. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes how much fun it can be to mix business with pleasure. And how much he wants to offer her a happily ever after of her own….