Wishing For Us

Wishing For Us

Wishing For Us

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In “Wishing For Us”, Sydney Landon beautifully concludes the beloved Danvers series with a story that is as heartfelt as it is delightful, providing readers a charming tapestry of love rediscovered, unexpected bonds, and the thrilling adventure of opening one’s heart. As the ninth and final installment in the series, this contemporary office romance offers an exquisite finale that celebrates love in its myriad and unexpected forms.

Lydia Cross, bearing the deep scars of loss, has shielded her heart from the vulnerability of love. Her world, however, is gently shaken when she crosses paths with the corporate dynamo, Jacob Hay, whose presence ignites a spark of interest and possibility she hadn’t anticipated. While Lydia grapples with her burgeoning feelings, Jacob seems mysteriously distant, adding layers of complexity and anticipation to their interactions.


The narrative takes a whimsical and exciting turn when a night of celebration in Las Vegas intertwines their lives in the most unexpected manner. Waking up as Jacob’s wife, Lydia navigates through a spectrum of emotions and uncertainties. Surprisingly, Jacob expresses a willingness to explore this serendipitous union, gradually peeling back the layers of reserve and presenting Lydia with affection, passion, and a sense of belonging that she had missed for so long.

“Wishing For Us” is crafted with Landon’s signature finesse, where each character is meticulously developed, and their journey toward love is depicted with sensitivity and humor. Lydia is a protagonist whose resilience and cautious optimism resonate with readers, making her exploration of love with Jacob a captivating experience. Jacob, with his calm demeanor and unexpected depth, becomes a character who not only complements Lydia but also encourages readers to believe in second chances.

The writing in “Wishing For Us” sparkles with wit and warmth, creating an atmosphere where love, in all its forms, is celebrated and cherished. The dialogue is engaging, and the scenes vary from being light and humorous to deeply emotional, mirroring the roller coaster of feelings and experiences that characterize Lydia and Jacob’s relationship.

As they navigate through the unexpected circumstances of their marriage and explore the potential of their connection, the story unfolds as a delightful dance of discovery, acceptance, and the joy of finding love where one least expects it. “Wishing For Us” is not just a romantic tale; it’s a story that reflects on the beauty of hope, the thrill of possibility, and the healing power of love.

“Wishing For Us” is a fitting and fantastic finale to the Danvers series, providing readers with a love story that is sure to leave a lasting impression. For those seeking a tale that is sweet, emotional, and ultimately uplifting, this book is a treasure trove of romantic delights. With characters that live and breathe off the pages and a narrative that is as engaging as it is satisfying, Sydney Landon offers a wonderful goodbye to the series with a story that epitomizes the magic of love and the promise of a happy ever after.

Wishing For Us

Since the loss of her fiancé, Lydia Cross has refused to allow herself to feel anything close to love. That is until corporate hotshot Jacob Hay comes to her aid outside of the Danvers International corporate headquarters and captures her attention. Too bad he doesn’t show any signs of reciprocating her feelings.

Things change when, after a rowdy Vegas bachelorette party, she wakes up next to Jacob...as his newly wedded wife! Lydia is stunned, but Jacob seems remarkably calm and isn’t inclined to end their hasty merger. In fact, day by day he gives her everything she’s been missing—especially in bed. But when the magic of Sin City fades, Lydia grows concerned she’ll find herself alone once again...