Dragon’s Code

Dragon's Code

Dragon’s Code

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“Dragon’s Code,” the final installment in McKenzie Rogue’s captivating “Royal Dragon Shifters” series, delivers a thrilling conclusion to the saga that has enthralled readers from the beginning. Set against the glittering backdrop of Las Vegas, this novel weaves a tale of duty, love, and survival as the dragon shifters find themselves exposed and vulnerable in a world that fears and hunts them.

The story centers on the protagonist, a dragon shifter who is burdened with a multitude of responsibilities. As the brother of the king apparent and one of the leaders of the Tourmaline Clan, he is tasked with protecting his twin sister, negotiating with human governments, and ensuring the safety and unity of his clan. However, the surprise arrival of Athena, his best friend and soul mate, adds a personal stake to the dangerous game of politics and power he must navigate.


Athena’s presence in Las Vegas, pursued by a stalker and caught in the crossfire of a looming summit of dragons, thrusts the protagonist into a dual role of protector and diplomat. His determination to safeguard Athena and assert their bond amidst the chaos showcases the depth of their relationship and the complexity of balancing personal desires with the demands of leadership.

Rogue masterfully portrays the escalating conflict between humans and dragonkind, highlighting the fear and prejudice that drive humanity to arm itself against the dragons. Including dragon-annihilating weapons and a city under siege elevates the stakes, pushing the protagonist to make difficult decisions that test his resolve and the loyalty of those around him.

“Dragon’s Code” excels in exploring themes such as identity, belonging, and the struggle for acceptance. The protagonist’s journey is emblematic of the broader challenges the dragon shifters face as they seek to coexist with humans. His efforts to negotiate peace and understanding while fiercely defending those he loves reflect the series’ overarching narrative of finding harmony in a divided world.

The romance between the protagonist and Athena highlights the novel, offering a beacon of hope and stability amidst the turmoil. Their connection, rooted in a deep and enduring friendship, blossoms into a passionate and unbreakable bond that is a testament to the power of love to overcome adversity.

Rogue’s vivid descriptions of Las Vegas bring the setting to life, contrasting the city’s allure with the shadow of conflict that looms over it. The action sequences are intense and well-crafted, immersing readers in the battles that determine the fate of the dragons and their human allies.

“Dragon’s Code” is a fitting finale to the “Royal Dragon Shifters” series, blending heart-pounding action with emotional depth. McKenzie Rogue has created a world where the lines between friend and foe blur and where love and loyalty are the greatest weapons against darkness. This novel is a must-read for fans of the series and newcomers alike, offering a richly imagined and satisfyingly executed conclusion to an epic tale of dragons, humans, and the quest for peace.

Dragon’s Code

Normally, a surprise visit by my best friend would be a welcome distraction from the orders of the king apparent — also known as my eldest brother, and the first one of my clan to mate a human in as long as any of us can remember.

Surrounded by the bright lights of Las Vegas, with a stalker on her heels, right as a summit of dragons descends on the city isn’t exactly how either of us expected our reunion to go.

My brother’s expectations are clear — watch over my twin sister, help smooth over the tension among the dragons, try to find a way to make human governments see us as assets, rather than threats, and somehow make sure the Tourmaline Clan remains strong, even though it was our brother who exposed us all for the world to see.

That doesn’t stop me from getting distracted by Athena’s plight. I want nothing more than to put an end to her stalker’s torment, and make sure he knows that she’s mine. My best friend. My soul mate. My safe haven from this war between humans and dragonkind.

When humans roll in, armed to the teeth with dragon-annihilating rounds, tanks, and a demand for all the dragons and their human mates to surrender, I know I have to keep her safe. I have to get her out of a city under siege.

I have to claim her as my own. We just have to make it out alive first…