Primal Dragon

Primal Dragon

Primal Dragon

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“Primal Dragon” by McKenzie Rogue is the thrilling second installment in the “Royal Dragon Shifters” series, taking readers deeper into a world where dragon shifters, vampires, and humans collide. With a seamless blend of action, mystery, and romance, Rogue crafts a narrative that is both captivating and emotionally resonant.

Henrik, a dragon shifter prince with a vendetta, is on a relentless quest for vengeance against the vampire responsible for his parents’ deaths. Fueled by rage and a thirst for justice, his dragon thrives on the thrill of the hunt, the speed of a chase, and the danger that each day might be their last. Henrik’s mission leads him to uncover a conspiracy that runs much deeper than a simple trafficking ring, pulling him into the dark underbelly of Chicago’s supernatural world.


Enter Quinn, a determined and spirited human woman whose life took a dramatic turn when her best friend—a vampire working undercover—disappeared. Her resolve to find him at any cost sets her on a collision course with Henrik. Despite their initial antagonism, there’s an undeniable attraction between them, further complicated by Henrik’s dragon, which immediately recognizes Quinn as theirs.

Rogue masterfully develops the relationship between Henrik and Quinn, balancing the intensity of their initial encounter with gradually deepening their connection. Quinn’s spunk and resilience make her a perfect match for the dominant and protective Henrik. Their interactions are charged with a palpable tension that evolves into a fiery romance, underscored by mutual respect and a shared determination to fight for those they love.

The novel excels in its world-building, expanding on the rich tapestry of the “Royal Dragon Shifters” universe. Rogue delves into the complexities of dragon shifter politics, vampire factions, and the delicate balance between the supernatural and human worlds. The narrative weaves together multiple threads, including Henrik’s personal vendetta, the broader threat facing Chicago, and the mysterious disappearance of Quinn’s friend, creating a multi-layered story that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

“Primal Dragon” is not just a tale of love and revenge; it is also a story about finding one’s place in a world that is often hostile and unforgiving. Both Henrik and Quinn are characters who have been shaped by loss and adversity, yet they find strength in each other and in the fight against a common enemy. Their journey is one of healing, self-discovery, and, ultimately, the realization that love can be the most powerful force of all.

Rogue’s prose is vivid and compelling, with action sequences that are both exhilarating and meticulously detailed. The romantic scenes are steamy and heartfelt, showcasing the author’s ability to blend sensuality with deep emotional connections.

“Primal Dragon” is a standout addition to the dragon shifter romance genre, offering readers a perfect mix of suspense, action, and passion. McKenzie Rogue continues to impress with her storytelling prowess, creating a world that is as enchanting as it is dangerous. Fans of the series will eagerly await the next installment, while newcomers will find themselves captivated by the world of the Royal Dragon Shifters.

Primal Dragon

On a mission to find the vampire who is responsible for killing his parents, Henrik’s out for blood. His dragon loves the rush of a fast car, a down-and-dirty fight, and the adrenaline that comes from not knowing whether they’ll live another day, and this threat facing Chicago is just what they both crave. What looks like a trafficking ring on the surface goes so much deeper, and Henrik’s bound and determined to find out what.

But in the midst of fighting the war, a wounded kitten crosses his path… and leads him right to a curvy, spunky human woman that his dragon scents out right away. There’s no denying the voice in his head demanding “MINE”.

Quinn’s best friend has gone missing, and she’s determined to do whatever she has to in order to find him.

The fact that he’s a vampire spying against the bad guys is beside the point.

What she finds is an overbearing dragon shifter prince who doesn’t like that she’s involved with all the chaos. He’s in her way, but he does have some qualities that might help her quest.

And if those don’t help, at least he’s got rippling abs that she could stare at for hours. It’s all a means to an end. They’ll help each other but then she doesn’t want it to end.