Quest of Stone

Quest of Stone

Quest of Stone

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“Quest of Stone,” Stephanie Hudson’s grand finale to the enthralling Transfusion Series, is a dark fantasy vampire romance that meticulously ties up the narrative threads woven throughout this captivating saga. A tapestry of passion, danger, and mythical allure, this fourteenth installment takes readers on a journey through time, presenting surprises at every corner and a love that transcends the ages.

Embarking on a voyage into the past, protagonist Amelia discovers more than she anticipates. Not only are the Fates’ calculations of time askew, but she also encounters an unexpected husband, a man radiating lethal elegance and unrelenting pursuit of possession. As Amelia grapples with a mission and a newly discovered soulmate, the tale unfolds into a dance of love and danger, of possession spiraling into obsession.


Hudson brilliantly crafts a tale where love, inevitably and beautifully, unfurls its wings amidst chaos. Encountering a soulmate for the second time paints the canvas of the novel with romance that is both tender and intense. As the storyline progresses, it doesn’t solely revolve around releasing Wraiths from imprisonment but also involves liberating Amelia’s mother from a metaphorical cage guarded by none other than her father.

Amidst a complicated mission and the unfolding tapestry of love and possession, Amelia finds herself being pursued by not one but two Kings from the annals of the past. The quest for a blissful “Afterlife” is riddled with challenges and unexpected turns, leaving readers on the edge of their seats as they navigate through the intricacies of love and duty.

“Quest of Stone” is a symphony of emotions and adventure, masterfully penned by Hudson to provide a satisfying and exhilarating conclusion to the series. The characters continue to evolve, with Amelia embodying strength, resilience, and the soft vulnerability that makes her relatable and endearing to the readers. The novel intricately explores the themes of love and sacrifice, entwining them with the mystical allure that has been a hallmark of the Transfusion Series.

The prose is exquisite, with each sentence meticulously crafted to build a world that is as enchanting as it is thrilling. For those who have followed Amelia’s journey from the beginning, “Quest of Stone” is a rewarding culmination of a tale filled with passion, danger, and the unbreakable bonds of love. The novel stands as a testament to Hudson’s storytelling prowess, offering readers a final chapter that is as moving as it is unforgettable.

“Quest of Stone” is a magnificent close to the Transfusion Series, providing answers, excitement, and a love story that defies time. Stephanie Hudson leaves her readers with a sense of completion and the sweet melancholy of parting with beloved characters, concluding a series that will undoubtedly be cherished by fans of dark fantasy and vampire romance for years to come. Honestly, I can’t say this enough: Transfusion was amazing. I loved the entire series! I can’t say if it was better than Afterlife, as they were both just over the top. They were great!

Quest of Stone

When taking this journey into the past,
I never expected to find what I did.
It wasn’t only the time-period the Fates got wrong,
It was the husband I found there waiting for me.

A man of regal yet deadly grace,
And one that wanted to possess me.
To make me his in every way possible.
But that was going to be a problem,
Especially when I had a mission to complete.

So, despite not being there to fall in love,
It becomes inevitable when meeting your soul mate,
Even when it’s for the second time.
Yet when possession turns to obsession,
Things take a turn for the worse,
As now the mission is no longer just about
Releasing Wraiths from their prison,
It is also about releasing my mother from her own.
And her jailor…
My father.

A mission that gets even more complicated
When running means escaping not one,
But two Kings of the past.
Meaning the hunt is on and the race for
Our own Happy Ever Afterlife continues.

Leaving me with only one question left,
Will Love conquer all, in this…