Dragon Exposed

Dragon Exposed

Dragon Exposed

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“Dragon Exposed,” the third installment in McKenzie Rogue’s “Royal Dragon Shifters” series, catapults readers into an enthralling world where vengeance, survival, and forbidden passion collide. This novel, set against the backdrop of New York’s bustling streets and shadowy underworlds, introduces a gripping tale of a woman’s relentless quest for justice and the unexpected path it leads her down.

The protagonist, whose life has been marred by tragedy and a near-death experience at the hands of a vampire, dedicates herself to hunting the creature responsible. Her journey brings her to a popular club in New York, where she plans to confront and destroy her nemesis finally. However, her mission is derailed in the most astonishing way possible when she witnesses a man, Levi Wystan, transform into a dragon mid-fall from a skyscraper.


This revelation shatters her worldview, introducing her to the reality of dragon shifters. Levi, with his tourmaline-colored scales, not only challenges her beliefs but also awakens a tumult of emotions within her. The initial quest for vengeance is overshadowed by the complexities of their burgeoning relationship and the secrets Levi harbors.

Rogue masterfully navigates the tension between the human and supernatural realms, crafting a narrative that is as much about the internal struggles of its characters as it is about the external conflicts they face. The revelation of dragon shifters existing among humans adds a thrilling layer to the story, raising the stakes for both the protagonist and Levi as they grapple with their roles in a war that threatens to decimate dragonkind and manipulate humanity to the vampires’ whims.

The novel excels in its character development, particularly in how it portrays the protagonist’s transformation from a vengeance-driven hunter to a woman torn between her mission and the feelings she develops for Levi. Levi, in turn, is depicted as a character of depth and complexity, struggling with the weight of his secrets and the consequences of his actions.

“Dragon Exposed” is a compelling blend of action, romance, and fantasy, with Rogue’s vivid descriptions bringing to life the electric atmosphere of New York and the majestic awe of dragon shifters. The chemistry between the main characters is palpable, evolving from mutual distrust to a deep, undeniable connection that defies the boundaries set by their worlds.

However, the novel is not without its challenges. The vampires’ plot to eradicate dragons and dominate humanity introduces a dark, urgent undertone to the story, forcing the characters to make difficult choices that test their loyalties and resolve. Rogue handles these themes with sensitivity and nuance, exploring the grey areas of morality and the sacrifices required in the face of existential threats.

“Dragon Exposed” is a mesmerizing addition to the “Royal Dragon Shifters” series, blending heart-pounding action with a poignant exploration of love, identity, and sacrifice. McKenzie Rogue has crafted a world that is both fantastical and grounded, where the fate of dragons and humans is intertwined in a battle for survival and freedom. This novel is a must-read for fans of the series and newcomers alike, promising a journey that is as unforgettable as it is emotionally charged.

Dragon Exposed

After losing my family and almost dying at the fangs of a vampire, I’ve made it my life’s mission to hunt down and slay the bloodsucker who almost killed me. Tracking him to one of the hottest clubs in New York is difficult enough—add getting my hands on him and taking him down feels nearly impossible.

Especially once I meet him.

Believing in vampires was one thing. When Levi Wystan takes a dive off of a skyscraper surrounding Times Square, shifting mid-fall into a shimmering tourmaline colored monster, my whole world turns upside down.

Dragon shifters are real.

My plot for justice gets swallowed by a much bigger problem. The dragon that saved my life may be my undoing. What if he risked everything only to lose far more than he thought possible?

The vampires are getting everything they wanted: the end of dragons and a human population eating out of the palm of their hands.