Dragon’s Honor

Dragon's Honor

Dragon’s Honor

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“Dragon’s Honor” by McKenzie Rogue launches readers into the fiery heart of the “Royal Dragon Shifters” series, where political intrigue, forbidden desires, and the quest for revenge intertwine. This first installment sets a high bar for dragon shifter romances, introducing a world filled with danger, magic, and the unbreakable bonds of clan loyalty.

The novel is narrated from the perspective of the soon-to-be king of the Sapphire Clan, whose life is thrown into chaos following the brutal murder of his parents by the rival Opal Clan. As the new head of his clan, he is burdened with expectations to restore stability and ensure the survival of his people through a strategic mating. However, his plans for revenge and his sense of duty are complicated by an unexpected encounter with Finley, a human with her own vendetta against the supernatural forces that have marred her past.


Rogue masterfully crafts a protagonist who is both powerful and vulnerable. The dragon shifter prince is depicted as a fierce warrior, deeply committed to avenging his parents and protecting his clan. Yet, it is his forbidden attraction to Finley that exposes his most profound vulnerabilities, challenging his beliefs and the laws that govern his kind. This internal conflict adds depth to his character, making him relatable and endearing to readers.

Finley, on the other hand, is more than just a damsel in distress. She is a strong, determined woman, driven by a desire for revenge against the vampire that attacked her in her youth. Her resilience and bravery make her a fitting match for the dragon prince, and their chemistry is palpable from their first encounter. Rogue does an excellent job of developing their relationship, balancing the intensity of their immediate attraction with the genuine emotional connection that grows between them.

The world-building in “Dragon’s Honor” is another of the novel’s strengths. Rogue seamlessly integrates various supernatural entities—dragons, vampires, witches, and humans—into a cohesive universe where alliances are fragile and conflicts abound. The political machinations of the dragon elders, the threat posed by other supernatural beings, and the prejudices faced by dragon shifters from the human world create a rich tapestry of challenges for the protagonists to navigate.

“Dragon’s Honor” is not just a romance; it is also a tale of personal growth, sacrifice, and the quest for justice. The dragon prince’s journey from a vengeful warrior to a leader capable of making difficult choices for the greater good is compelling and satisfying. Similarly, Finley’s evolution from a victim of supernatural violence to an active participant in the fight against it underscores the novel’s themes of empowerment and redemption.

Despite its fantastical elements, the novel touches on real-world issues such as prejudice, the abuse of power, and the importance of challenging societal norms. These themes are woven into the narrative in a way that adds depth to the story without detracting from the romance and adventure at its core.

“Dragon’s Honor” is a captivating start to the “Royal Dragon Shifters” series, offering readers a perfect blend of romance, action, and fantasy. McKenzie Rogue’s ability to create multidimensional characters, build a complex world, and weave a compelling narrative ensures that this novel stands out in the crowded paranormal romance field. Fans of the genre will find themselves eagerly awaiting the next installment, eager to see what challenges and triumphs await the Sapphire Clan and its new king.

Dragon’s Honor

My dragon-shifter clan is in shambles after the Opal Clan attacked, killing our king and queen—my parents. Now, everyone is looking to me, expecting me to mate with a female dragon and take the throne.

All I want is to hunt down the dragons who destroyed my family. To protect my siblings and get vengeance for my parents’ deaths. And then I meet her. Finley, a temptingly curvaceous human who is completely against the rules. And completely what my dragon craves.

She wants to find the vampire who attacked her as a kid, and even though I know I should walk away, adhere to dragon law, I can’t leave her to be fang-food. Between the politics of the dragon elders, vampires out for blood, witches using my tourmaline brethren, and humans who would hunt us down like the medieval knights of old, I know I shouldn’t get involved with Finley.

Even though my dragon is roaring that she’s MINE!